Street lights flashing; Autos passing
People dashing by
Everybody has to hurry
Nobody knows just why.

Love thy neighbour as thy self
God's word is clear and true
But Lord I haven't got the time
I have so much to do.

Everywhere there's lonely people
I love them Lord - You know it
It's just I have so much to do
I haven't time to show it.

Startling headlines - suicides, murders
    trips on drugs
Oh Lord please reach these needy people
I have to rush and clean my rugs.

Thank you Lord I've found the answer
What they need is You
Take that guy at the super market for instance...
That reminds me that bill is due.

Mrs. Smith must really be lonely
With her husband gone to war
I should really go and see her
But now I've got to scrub this floor.

In church I really get a burden
Thinking of all those folks in need.
I'll pray for them now while I'm packing
Holiday time's a rush indeed.

Running, running, running, running
Got to beat the clock
Christ's our king but times our master.
This we'll serve until we drop!

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