The Resurrection

Life -
    What is life when your meaning for living is gone?
    God, was He not good? What did He do so wrong?

How He loved! No man loved as He.
How could men be so cruel?
Could they not see?

See -
    my eyes were closed to real beauty till He came.
    Yes He came to me; His eyes were filled with love.
    He said. How did He know my name?
    Yes He knew what I was; He understood.
    Nobody else knew how I felt.
Oh Lord,
    He was so good! And now He is gone!...

The most wonderful thing that
ever happened to me gone!
How can life go on?

    How can you sing? Don't you know?

For me life has lost its theme...
    I loved Him so!
And now they've stolen His body away.

    He didn't mean anything to them.
    They killed Him didn't they.
Gardener! Gardener!
    Please don't walk away.
Please! Please
    tell me where He is laid.

Don't you see?
I have to know
He loved me so.

    Just one word - her name.
The sun burst forth; the tear drops fell.

The ice around her heart was warmed and thawed.

    She cried -
        "My Lord and my God!"


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