Oh I Know

Oh I know I am forgiven;
All my sins are washed away,
For I took them all to Jesus,
Where they could no longer stay.
For His word says "Whosoever,"
And I know that it meant me,
"would accept Him as their Saviour,"
Praise the Lord, "Would be set free."

Oh I know Acts 2 and 4 is true,
For I've received this power;
Since the Spirit gave me utterance,
In Pentecostal shower.
I do truly speak in other tongues,
That are unknown to me.
And if I had not received it,
Still a seeking I would be.

Oh I know that God's the same today,
Just as in the Bible times;
When He healed the sick in body,
And gave sight unto the blind.
For His power still is manifest
In human lives today
And I know that He will guide me
Through each step along the way.


* This was written April 30/69 out in the terminal.
It takes as its chorus our choir opening "If Jesus Said It."

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