It Is No Secret

The Bible says salvation's found,
In Christ and none besides;
His blood must be applied;
This cannot be denied.
He died on Calvary to save,
Us from our sin and strife;
Repent and be converted,
And gain eternal life.

Chorus 1
As He hath said through the prophets tongues,
    His spirit's now outpoured.
Be of one accord, simply trust the Lord.
Disciples in the upper room were filled
    with heavenly shower;
Keep your eyes on Jesus and you'll
    receive the power.

Chorus 2
It is no secret, what God will do;
What He's done for others, He'll do for you.
With mighty power, He'll baptize you
Just keep believing; His word is true.

This age of grace draws to a close;
The Lord will soon appear; will He leave you here?
Do you hold Him dear?
If you are washed in Jesus blood,
And looking for your Lord,
Don't be doubtful minded -
Your rapture is assured.

Chorus 3
It is no secret what God will do;
To heavenly portals He'll beckon you.
With arms wide open you're welcomed to
A home in heaven, prepared for you.


* This was written on April 29/70 during my dinner hour.
It is a continuation of the original "It Is No Secret" with the same tune.

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