The Maze

Life - Hath thou no meaning?
Be there no definition to define thee?
Art thou just a figment,
Of some immortal dreaming?
Or art thou a dull, sordid, stark reality?

Thus far you've been naught but sheer confusion
Is this mirrored image really me?
Or is it but an optical illusion?
Oh who am I? What can my purpose be?

A soul you say amidst this maze of insecurities and fears
An eternal being that does not die with life's short span of years
A soul with great creator who let each child alone
To choose eternal heaven or hell to be his home.

Of course my choice is heaven; a pilgrim I will be
But where is found the signpost to show the way to me
Oh there's Sunday Christian to follow him I do not care
Since for six days he walks backwards he will end up nowhere near.

    The worldly wise or man of deeds
    All their courses ne'er succeeds.
    They've all ends at hell bound streets,
    They're not the light my soul seeks.

Just when I felt that all was lost,
My eyes beheld a rugged cross.
Gazing into pain filled eyes,
Guilt and sin I realized.
I know not now what then took place,
But all my sins were gone, erased.
From sin's dark maze He is the way
The truth the light, your constant stay.


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