In these days so dark with sin,
Christians still can victory win.
Most of our greatest blessings,
Come through severest testings,
When the light comes shinning in.

Oh the grace that comes our way
As we witness as we pray
And when the world looks black or dim
Oh what peace comes through a hymn
Or chorus sung from day to day.

When you feel that all is lost,
"On a Hill Far Away Stood an Old Rugged Cross"
When you're restless as can be
Remember "Lead Me to Calvary."
In times of great sorrow ot deep agony
You can't beat the chorus "Oh He Touched Me."

When you are tempted to back bite
Or tell tales of the sordidest kinds
You'd better remember the chorus
"Blest Be The Tie That Binds."
When you are troubled with numerous testings
Remember the chorus just "Count Your Blessings."

When you feel weak or a victory can't claim
There's "All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name."
When friends are untrue or sorely displease us
It helps to remember "What A Friend We Have In Jesus."
If foes do surround you and you've no place to flee,
There's "Oh Blest Rock of Ages I'm Hiding in Thee."

If tempted to partake of this world's wine
Remember the Master says "Come and Dine."
If you feel your life is a favor to God,
You're so faithful in all angles
Remember the chorus that says
"He Could Have Called 10,000 Angels."

If your life seems to be empty and
    your soul could not be drier
There's hope for you found in the hymn
    "Oh Dear Lord Send the Fire."
Whatever your dedication barrier may be
You can still o'er come with "Jesus Use Me."

Hymns written today or in yesteryear
All are very near and dear.
Whatever problem you may meet
Through hymns there's none that you can't beat.
They're written by folks like you and me
Who also had problems, that's clear to see
But despite the obstacles God led them through.
That's why hymns were written to encourage you
For you can live in victory too.


* This was written March 14/70 for C.A. Poet Night.

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