Words That Ask

Ne'er can be found more thrilling words,
Than future destiny and fate.
They tease the mind like fleeting birds,
And stir the senses to awake.
They carry questions not a few,
What and when and where and who,
Plus why and how and for how long,
Word by word they ramble on.

Many questions ask they all,
Provoking thoughts both great and small.
Of vital issues the greatest one,
Is made concerning the world to come.

The what demands to know their fate,
The choice is yours, the hour is late.
Eternal life, eternal doom
The when is answered ne'er too soon,
The where is here now on this earth;
The why's because of your soul's worth;
The who is you and the Son of God;
The how is through His precious blood;
The how long answer has to be,
From now until eternity.

Your future, fate or destiny,
Are held by one who still can see,
All that is now or is to be.


* This was written March 11/70.
It's simply a play on words especially interrogative pronouns with a spiritual message.

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