My Own Personal "High Flight"

I too, have slipped the surly bonds of earth;
My spirit's soared above this sin cursed world.
Each sense aware of true eternal worth,
I shun the mundane pleasures at me hurled,
As step by step new altitudes I reach,
Through heavenly powers ever in my grasp.
And truth by truth the Holy Ghost doth teach
While tighter grip a nail scarred hand does clasp.

Unlike Magee I need no earthly plane,
To free me from the bondage here below.
Though hands be bound and feet securely chained
My soul is free to seek a newer home
And soon my body too will rapture know
As I shall rise with Christ to worlds unknown.


* This was written March 11, 1970.
When in school my favorite poem was "High Flight" by John Gillespie Magee.
As I read I too could feel his ecstasy but his high flight could never be compared to mine -
the spiritual where my soul enters the throne of grace or the bodily rapture when Jesus returns.

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