My Testimony

When I became a Christian my life didn't
    suddenly become a bed of roses;
But then again I can't complain; it wasn't
    so either with men like Abraham and Moses.
I can't say that I immediately became immune
    to sorrows, cares and tribulations;
But why have I to grumble? After all, Christ is
    still the master over all situations.

I can't say that since I became a Christian I
    haven't made mistakes, for I have and by the score
But I thank God the expression is true "Even if we
    lose a battle, we will still win the war.
I can't say that the change in me made me
    very popular with all my friends and relations;
But the expression "They can laugh you into hell but they
    can't laugh you out" was derived from practical observations.

And as for moral living people with their stately
    posture, speech and cough,
I'm not saying I'm better than you are, but I'm
    certainly better off.
And as for you unscrupulous fault-finders, some of
    mine would give you bliss,
But not for long for I'll be like Him when I
    see Him as He is.

Well as I said there are a lot of things that I
    can't boast of yet;
But I'll tell you one thing, the Christian life is
    one not to regret.
I may not be an angel
    but I'm really satisfied;
The way of the cross is the only way
    That cannot be denied.


* This was written March 6, 1970 in the store.
It is written for the poet night in C.A.'s at our next service.
It's simply my testimony with a little humour in the rhyme poking fun at a few people I know.
However, it is far from malicious.

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