The Difference

Since I took Jesus into my life,
Things have been different with me.
He's saved me from all my sin and strife;
He's set me perfectly free.

    Now all my friends,
    Just can't comprehend,
    The difference they now see in me.

What is this thing that happened to you?
To all old habits you now are untrue;
The places you catered now see you no more;
Your speech is much different than it was before:
Oh what is this thing that has happened to you?
You're not the same person we knew.

I answer them gladly with joy I can't hide,
This change's not a what but a who I've inside.
'Tis Christ manifested in me you now see;
He makes the difference in me.

    When He comes in,
    And you let Him win,
    There will be a difference in you.


* This was written March 5, 1970 in the store and terminal.
Its tune is derived from several songs that I have on a record.
When a person accepts Christ as his Saviour the change in their life is quickly noticed by their close friends and associates.
Speech, outlook on life, habits and even pleasures are different.

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