No Sin Too Great

I lived my life midst guilt and sin;
I would not let my Saviour win
My sin's too dire, too deep's my shame
My answer was for e'er the same.

If I could live my life anew, I'd live it Lord for thee.
There'd be no wall of sin to separate my Lord and me;
I'd labour ever in thy vineyard helping souls awake.
Alas, it is no use, my sins they are too great.

I reached the depths of cruel despair,
But still my Lord pursued me there,
Form His kind voice I could not flee,
And this is what He said to me.

I came to break your bonds of sin and give you liberty
Don't say you've sinned too great; no sin's too dark for Calvary.
In me you'll start your life anew with heart and conscience pure
Just trust in me my child, your future I'll secure.

So then I let Him in my heart,
From me He never will depart.
Just like the thief upon the tree
His grace is strong enough for me.

So now I live my life anew with Christ my Lord and friend
He gives me joy and peace, by grace that never finds an end
And he will walk with me ever showing souls the gate
For His redeeming love no sin is e'er too great.


* This was written Feb. 25/70 in the store.
It's tune is "He Said, 'If I Be Lifted Up'".
It's for people who will not accept Christ because they feel they are too sinful to save or those who are converted and let past failures stop them in the face and keep them from launching out in Christ.

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