Jesus Christ the Wondrous Son of God

There's a day that God spoke of,
Prophets heard and they wrote of,
A wonderful day when God looked our way,
And sent to us His well beloved Son.

God fulfilled all the old law
Sent the new which had no flaw
He sent His own Son, the pure, holy one
That He might be the Saviour of mankind.

He came down to earth and lay in manger;
Born of a virgin He was free from sin.
Heaven's pure and spotless little stranger,
Who would redeem all those who let Him in.

Shepherds heard and they found Him.
Wise men laid gifts around Him.
And you can come too,
He will receive you.
Jesus Christ the wondrous Son of God.


* This was written for talent night during the Christmas of '69.
It has the tune of "Winter Wonderland."
I sang it talent night but due to a cold and improper music it wasn't very good.
It was my first and last solo.

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