What Christmas Means To Me

    Colored tinsel, glowing lights,
    Hectic days, restless nights,
    Round eyed children, a star topped tree,
    What does Christmas mean to me?

To understand one has to know,
What happened 2,000 years ago.

    An Imperial decree, a crowded inn,
    A humble stable, a manger bin,
    There was an infant Lovingly laid-
    The greatest gift that God e'er gave.

To understand what He means to me
You have to go to Calvary.

    A jealous Sanhedrin, a mockery trial,
    Again we meet this manger child.
    He's now a man though spotless still-
    God's ransom lamb meet for the kill.

What has Christmas cheer to do with this gloom?
The answer was found at an empty tomb.

    A resurrection, a reigning king,
    None guessed that Calvary would lead to this thing.
    The son  of God was this manger babe
    He came that He my soul might save.

Yes that's what Christmas means to me,
The birthday of Him who set me free.
The Christ of Christmas is none other than,
Jesus Christ, my Lord, my friend.


* This was written Christmas 1969 for the Christmas program of Harvest Time.
It is a rush affair yet quite effective that is it says what I want it to.

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