Peace and Goodwill to Men

In a humble stall in Bethlehem Christ came in lowly birth,
Left all of heaven's glory for a sinful, thankless earth,
So He might be the Saviour of a mankind without worth.
And bring peace to all men.

Glory in the highest
On earth goodwill to men.

To poor shepherds on the hillside angels made the heavens shine,
Told them to go to that city where the messiah they would find.
He would be wrapped in swaddling clothes and manger was the sign,
That brought peace to these men.

As a Christian it's our duty, to ourselves and fellowmen,
To inform them of the Christ Child, who for them the Lord did send.
Let them know that He is living and willing to receive
All who'll let Him be their Saviour and in Christmas do believe.

The wise men in the East had seen a new and brilliant star
The fact that Herod ruled as king their rapture did not mar
With myrrh and gold and frankincense they journeyed from afar
In peace then came these men.

Let us now this blessed day,
Rejoice that we have heard.
We have received salvation,
And with power our lives are gird.
Till Jesus comes the second time,
As promised in God's word,
His peace He leaves with us.


* This is a Christmas hymn that is sung to the tune of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic."
It was written at Christmas '69.
Wayne and I were supposed to sing it but we didn't blend to my satisfaction so I read it Talent Night.
It tells the nativity story of Jesus and a challenge for the Christian.

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