You Can't Take The Christ from Christmas

There's a trend this modern century,
To ignore Christ's lowly birth
To replace the truth of Christmas
By a tale of senseless worth
Men now seek their Christmas spirit
In a bottle or a flask
Giving children false impressions
Christmas's getting what they asked.

You can't take the Christ from Christmas,
Without Him it's but a sham.
He's the Christ child sent from glory,
Heaven's pure and spotless lamb.
Two thousand years still find Him living,
And perfecting lives within.
For it's grace He's always giving,
To all those who let Him win.

Shiftless men seek substitution,
For the Christmas peace and joy;
And goodwill toward all mankind,
Has become good will to I.
They ignore the Christ of Christmas,
Though they hear of Him much more,
And more frequent are their cursings,
Than they ever were before.

As a Christian it's our duty,
To ourselves and fellow men,
To inform them of the Christ child,
Who for them the Lord did send.
Let them know that He is living
And is willing to receive
All who'll let Him be their Saviour
And in Christmas do believe.


* This was written during choir practice during the Christmas season '69.
It's tune is "My Religion's Not Old Fashioned."
It was written for a talent night but Louise couldn't play it so I didn't sing it.
I quoted it Christmas night instead.
The words are very much in evidence today.

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