What is Lacking?

What is lacking in our C.A.'s,
That makes young people sit like someone in a daze?
Please tell me quickly, I'd sure like to know
Is the Pentecostal blessing reserved for the old?

What is the reason, the C.A.'s do not sing?
If they only wanted, they'd make the churches ring
Some say their reason is self-consciousness.
If self were just omitted, these people God could bless.

What is the reason, they do not testify?
Is not our salvation like that in days gone by?
When one soul raced the other in rising to his feet
Has Satan devised a stronger glue,
To paste them to their seat?

What is the reason; Oh please tell me why
We talk old-time salvation but not the old time joy
What is the reason before the service is o'er
Some minds are off the speaker and eyes point to the door?

It's not the song leader for he does his part
It's not the hymns and chorus for they know them by heart
It's not laryngitis; so please, please explain.
Is God really, truly less exciting than a hockey game?

With less backbiting
There'd be more anointing,
And less complaining,
There'd be more grace reigning.
In spite of prolonging,
There'd be much less yawning;
And you'll truly prove God can move.
Yes you'd truly prove God can move.


* This was written in 1969 shortly after I became vice-president of C.A.'s.
I was extremely concerned by the increasing disinterest on behalf of some of our C.A.'s.
This too was manifest in their lack of co-operation in the services.
Some if these same people complained to me causing me to write this.
I firmly believe the lack is prayer.

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