God Leads Not Into Temptation

In the desert was He tempted,
So that He might conquer sin.
Forty days had Jesus fasted;
Satan could not victory win.

God leads not into temptation,
But He lets it come our way;
So we'll trust in our salvation
And let Jesus be our stay.

Sin need not to be our downfall,
He gives strength from day to day.
Never trial looms so hard that,
For escape there is no way.

If our eyes are fixed on Jesus,
Troubles then will seem so small.
For God never does forsake us,
He will be our all in all.

God can bless us through our trials
To Him we are closer drawn.
Every mercy He'll supply us,
Give us courage to go on.


* This was written in November of 1969 and is based on (?) and personal experience.
The tune is "All That Thrills My Soul Is Jesus,"
It is meant to be a hymn of comfort and inspiration.
It was sang in C.A.'s on Jan. 17, 1970 by F.H.

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