There was a boy called Samuel, given to the Lord,
And he served God in His house learning from His Word.
There he learned to answer to his master's call;
So that night when God did speak, Samuel did not stall.

Yes I'm coming, I have heard you calling to me.
Yes I'm coming, No matter what hour it be
I'm your servant, I'll serve you with my all
I am coming, I have heard your call.

Samuel went to Eli, standing at his side
And he asked him for his will, don't it from me hide.
Eli did not know that God spoke to this lad,
Told him to go back to sleep for a dream he'd had.

Thrice he went to Eli, thrice he'd heard a voice.
Eli told him it was God, listen and rejoice.
"Speak thy servant heareth," was his answer when,
God did speak with still, small voice to this boy again.

Jesus make me willing to obey your voice
May I like this lad of old listen and rejoice
May my heart be open to your loving call
And like Samuel may I serve thee Lord with my all.


* This was written down at the parsonage in Nov. 1969 when I was baby-sitting.
It depicts the call of a great Old Testament hero, Samuel and his quick acceptance.
It also shows a person can go so far away from God they no longer recognize his voice such as Eli and pleads for immediate acceptance to do our Father's will.
The tune is "Once a Man Named Stephen."
The choice of this is its fast meter which too, demands swiftness in response.

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