David was a shepherd boy,
In the mountains wild and high.
There he served his God above,
Learned to trust in His great love.

For God was with him,
Yes God was with him;
Yes God was with him;
And never could he fail.

David slew both lion and bear,
Without sword and without spear.
Faithful sling his might became,
For God's hand controlled his aim.

David slew Goliath when,
His great God he did offend.
Slew him with his trusty sling,
And one day GOd made him king.

David sang praise to his Lord
Wrote those psalms found in God's Word
So that we might read today
How God lead him all the way.


* This is a children's hymn so the very small can learn a little of the story of David, a man after God's own heart.
It shows that God can use His youngest and humblest servant and exalt him.
The tune is the familiar "Jesus Loves Me."
This was written in Oct. 1969 in the terminal.

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