The Story of Joseph

Why did they hate him?
Why did they poor Joseph sell?
He their own brother,
A slave boy in Egypt to dwell?
Why was this boy
Who had been his father's delight,
Snatched from his family
To a future that loomed far from bright?

He went to that land, Content with the will of his Lord
He knew God still cared, And felt quite secure in His word
Why did God send him?
He sent them that all might not die,
When seven year famine left all homeland barren and dry.

Why did he suffer,
The false accusations they made?
From a home to a prison -
For doing as God had him bade?
Why did His friend, forget him who told him his dream,
Leave him in prison with no hope in sight to be seen?

Linda Leslie

* This was written in October of 1969 out in the terminal.
I've never as yet heard a poem or a hymn on Joseph so since he is one of my favorite characters I've decided to write one myself.
Its tune is that of its title "Why?".
It depicts some of the needless questions we let perplex us forgetting that God is the master of our destinies.

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