By The Beams of a Light

There once was a man named Saul;
From Tarsus he came;
He offered his all,
To blot out Christ's name.

By the beams of a clear, pure light,
So vivid and bright
God showed him the right
By the beams of a light.

He watched as good Stephen died;
Stones could not his love quell.
"I see Jesus," he cried;
Like an angel he fell.

On the road to Damascus long,
God set his way right.
You've done me much wrong,
Cried the Christ of the light.

Though he set off with eyes made blind,
He now walked with his sight,
For the truth he did find,
In a burning, bright light.


* This was written in October or November of 1969.
It depicts the conversion of Paul and the events prior to it.
The tune originally was meant to be that of "On the Wings of a Dove" but I forgot it although it has similarities it is different from it.
This first was written in brown paper in the terminal while I was pealing potatoes.

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