Jesus, The Man of Galilee

He is my wondrous baptizer;
He is the one who enfilled me;
He makes my soul to bubble up and overflow;
Jesus, the man of Galilee.

He is the one who is my healer;
Cruel stripes were laid on Him for me;
He turned my way and then my sickness could not stay-
Jesus, the man of Galilee.

He is here with us in this service
He's coming soon to rapture me
Meanwhile His power is manifest in latter shower
Jesus the man of Galilee.

Linda Leslie

* This is a continuation of the chorus "He Spoke The Words That Calmed the Waters."
I wrote it on thursday, Jan 29/70 although I made it up several weeks ago.
It is a complete Pentecostal message beginning with salvation to the second return of Christ mentioned in the last verse.
It is simple yet effective.

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