A Christian's Gain

Christian life may have tears and perplexions;
Mountains high, trials rough may cloud the way;
You may lose fellowship with close connections,
But no sacrifice is made God won't repay.

For when you come to Him in prayer,
You'll find that God is really there,
And He will meet your every need of heart and soul;
And when He awes you by His power, fills you with Pentecostal power-
Oh you've felt nothing until you let God take control.

For you can take Him at His word
Claim every promise you have heard
And see your Loved ones come to Christ each in God's time
It's then your heart just overflows with joy no pleasure e'er bestows
Oh you know nothing until great power is thine.

And if a sickness you do feel,
That only God Himself can heal,
A prayer of faith by men of God for you is raised;
And then you feel His nail scarred hand,
And grace you cannot understand,
For you are healed mid cries of "Glory! God be Praised."

So when you hear His loving call,
Just dedicate to Him your all,
And take your cross and follow Him eternally.
It's then you'll learn to live by faith
That men and demons cannot shake.
Oh, you have nothing till He is all in all to thee.

Linda Leslie

* This was written January 29, 1970.
It is Thursday afternoon and I'm in the store.
It is based on and the same tune of "You know nothing until you know the love of God"
I've been singing it all week so I've decided to give my own interpretation.
It is based on Mark 10:30 and goes arm in arm with personal experiences.

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