Farewell To Herdman

Farewell dear Herdman, farewell room 120.
My hours of misery in you have been plenty.
Farewell dear seat that's found in line two
I'll miss your rough scratches and scatter loose screw.
Farewell dear books I will read you no more,
You'll now lie on a shelf instead of the floor.
Farewell dear pen with your blotches and dribble,
Many was the time you transported my scribble.

Farewell dear windows which no one would close
Many was the time I almost froze.
Farewell dear clock with your two minute jumps
The sight of a watch brings nostalgic lumps.
Farewell dear blackboard that was really green
How brilliant the errors on you to be seen.
Farewell dear uniforms with your colours so drear
It'll break all our hearts you no longer to wear.

Farewell dear classmates I'll miss you 'tis true,
The laughs of George and the puns of Linda-Sue.
All Wade's silly questions the giggles down back
The gum and the candy and occasional snack.
Sherry's loud yawns and Ivan's eyes on Faye
The boots under the seats near the close of the day.
The ripples of laughter when Sterling entered the room.
The groans of despair when Physics class did resume.

Farewell dear teachers I'll miss you I'm sure
All Mullett's dry jokes and Belbin's hand on the door.
Sterling's floor pacing and Grey's smiles when mad.
Alcott's compositions and the surprises Hutchings had.
Our dear love for Bugden when the bus we did miss
Then comes Mr Matthews the last on our list.
Now don't be offended, the best must come last
Farewell Mr Matthews - that is if I pass!


* This was written last year when I was seventeen.
It as a farewell poem I wrote for my teachers and classmates after my last year of high school.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart