Farewell to Bruce

Dear Bruce,

The time has finally come for us to say to you goodbye.
I'd like to give some words of praise but its a sin to lie.
First of all we'll miss you in our thrilling baseball games -
I love the way you spared that ball; you showed more heart than brains.
We'll miss you in the Senior Choir; without you we're in ruin.
Your voice had oh such quality - all that it lacked was tune.
We'll miss you in the open airs in a way that will surprise,
You really did a service Bruce, when scared away the flies.
We'll miss you on our hospital trips your influence sure did stick,
If there were any phonies there your presence made them sick.
We'll miss you in our C.A. group; my insults cannot last,
For if we all had worked like you our group would all surpass.
And now you show us by your smile in face of my rebuff
That Bruce you're really quite a guy to lose you will be tough.


* This is simply a farewell poem I wrote for Bruce, our C.A. vice -president when he left last year - 1969 - for Wings Point.
It's simply fun and I read it at the wiener roast to him.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart