I Am The Door Of The Sheepfold

The shepherd was slain for the sheepfold
His blood paid for pardon divine.
He's searching for you on the mountains
Though He still has ninety and nine.
Your wandering days are forgiven,
As safe in His bosom you lie.
His strong arms will guide you to heaven
To dwell in His sheepfold on high.


* This is the concluding verse for "I Am The Door Of The Sheepfold."
I wrote it for Dave and Nelson when I was seventeen.


The Church Of Jesus Christ Is Going Up

Going up, up, up
Going up, up, up,
The church of Jesus Christ is going up.
On that great eternal day
Christ shall snatch His bride away
Yes the church of Jesus Christ is going up.


* This is a second verse for the chorus "The Glory of the Lord is coming Down."
It was written when I was sixteen.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart