From Dregs To Riches

I was a sinner, seeking reality.
I was a beggar, out in the cold.
Then Jesus found me; His love did surround me,
And now I am heir to riches untold.

This riches is love, divine from above.
This riches is grace, received from His face.
This riches is power; He gives strength every hour;
And these riches are mine ever more.

Now I'm a child of God, trusting in His dear love
Now I'm adopted by great grace untold
For when He found me the sin cords that bound me,
Were then replaced by wealth greater than gold.


* This was written when I was seventeen.
It was in the summer and Pastor Dave King was here.
I was washing dishes at the time.
Louise picked the tune up on the piano and Wayne and I sang it as a duet.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart