To Gain or To Lose

I don't want to be a Christian,
For there's far too much to lose.
Parties, dances, cigarettes,
Compose the life I choose.

Listen friend; I'll tell a story,
For to argue is no use.
It's of some teens who're mighty sorry
That they once had thought like you.

First there's Tommy

Tommy came from Christian parents
To their pleas he ne'er gave heed.
Though he went to church each Sabbath,
Tommy's God was really speed.
So for years this teenage madman,
Raced the streets like one possessed.
No threats no tears kept him in hand;
One day his brakes gave out through stress.
    Tommy's finally settled down -
An invalid for the rest od his life.
    Mentally too, there is no calm,
For Tommy killed a child aged five.

Next there's Jane

Jane was really debonair.
Without her, parties lost their flare.
She laughed to scorn God's pleading call.
Religion's for grannies and kids when small.
One night at a party, she drank too long,
Got home next morning to close to dawn.
    Jane had to leave her social world
    To mother a nameless baby girl.

Then there's Joe

Joe truly loved to smoke his weeds,
Claimed they relaxed his mind,
Grew dependant on them for all his needs,
Acid, pot and dope soon fell in line.
Though from the law he made clever slips,
He never recovered from one of his trips.
    He never rejected God's call for fantasy
    And never returned to reality.

Why do I read this to Christian youth?
Seems pretty strange 'tis true.
Without Christ reigning in your hearts,
Each person could be you.
These kids were never "really bad".
They all made one mistake.
THe cost is what makes it so sad;
One slip, a thousand hearts can break.
Their mistake is shown to you quite plain;
If you lose Christ you cannot gain.
If His salvation you do not choose,
No matter what you gain you lose.


* This was written when I was seventeen for C.A.'s where it was enjoyed.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart