A Tribute To A Friend

These words I write to one whose love
    Has touched my heart.
Such Tender love born in Him above
    To me you did impart.
I can't express in words alone
    The gratitude I feel
To one who did in deed and tone
    Show love that's real.
I cannot say how much you mean
    To one like I.
To me you are what Christ must have been
    A shoulder on which to cry.
Although I may never again see you
    One thing I know.
In you I've found a comrade true,
    A place in which to go.
The years ahead won't be easy ones;
    You've found that's true.
The lessons learned from watching you
    Will help me through.
I pray that He who is my everything
    Will bless you too.


* This was written when I was sixteen. It is as the title says...
a tribute to a very dear friend of mine.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart