God Is Watching

Don't be content with just existing below,
With a form o' religion that's only a show.
For God is watching; He does not sleep;
Whatsoever thou sowest, thus shall ye reap.

For God is watching, from up in His glory;
He seeth your deeds and He knoweth your part.
You must take care, your cross to bear,
And have His presence down here in your heart.

There's satisfaction found in Jesus alone.
He rewards not a serpent nor either a stone.
He will not leave you and with joy your life fill,
If you will hearken unto His will.

Our God is coming just as He had left us,
To rapture His church, all those who Him trust.
He'll take you form this old world with its sins;
His elect will ne gathered from the four winds.


* This was written when I was seventeen.
Its tune is "I've Got a Mansion."

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart