Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me

To the mighty multitudes Christ preached out the word,
Feeding all the hungry souls who had never heard.
Mothers came with babes in arms though He needed rest,
So that they might see His face and He their loved ones bless.

Suffer little children; bring them unto me.
I will be their Saviour; I will set them free.
Turn them oh, not away when they hear my call,
For I long to take them in and be their all in all.

Jesus' own disciples, men with hardened hearts
Thus ignored their blinding tears, bade them to depart.
Jesus, though weak and worn, quickly took their side.
Bade them return to Him with arms thrown open wide.

Heed all ye listeners, solemn words these be.
Better ye were laden down and thrown into the sea,
Than to offend a child who has to me came;
If ye divert their faith, you'll henceforth suffer blame.

"Suffer little children," was His loving call.
Greatly does He love them, whether great or small.
Look upon their shinning eyes; learn this lesson well.
Only men with faith like these can in His kingdom dwell.


* This was written when I was seventeen and it is based on ...
Its tune is "Neither Do I Condemn Thee."
Louise and Helen sang it in church for their badge.
The crusaders have learned it also.
Of all I've sang this seems to be the favourite.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart