The Conqueror

In a new borrowed tomb Jesus' body was laid,
Death ended His suffering and shame.
Calvary's wounds were concealed by a pure linen robe;
He, the ransom for sin had been slain.

But He conquered the sharp sting of death,
And His life He did take up again.
His great power proved of measureless breadth;
Now in glory He'll ever more reign.

Of His grief laden friends were two women who came ,
To anoint His dear body in death.
There they found a young man,
Dressed in robe spotless white,
Who told them they'd not been bereft.

In the dark empty tomb, Mary met Him again,
And a joyous Rabboni she cried.
She did look on His hands and His nail driven feet,
Whose bloodstains sin's dark blots would hide.

To His sceptical friends, He appeared once again;
From them never His spirit would part.
They saw Him rise in the sky to His home up on high,
But He still reigns down here in my heart.


* This was written when I was seventeen for Dave and Nelson to sing in C.A.'s.
They did a great job with it. Its tune is "The Old Rugged Cross".
It can also be called "The First Easter."

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart