Christ And Young People

What does Christ mean to someone young in years?
A time packed full with worry, doubts and fears -
A time when teens need to be understood-
When earthly parents fail, try as the would.
A time when insecurity breeds revolt
To train a youth is like to tame a colt,
Unused to bridle, saddle, rein and bit
Confused by cares that never seem to quit.

This is what He means to Christian youth -
A source of peace, a way of light and truth,
A  meaning for our restless longing lives,
A faith though hell should rage steadfast survives,
An understanding friend who meets our needs,
Whose love for us no earthly friend exceeds,
Whose way is right, whose words are always true,
His loving hands extend to help us through.

The question is, what does He mean to you.
Have you, yourself found that His way is true?
Have you heeded to His loving call
And brought to Him your problems large and small?
Can you say my will is now my Lord's,
And know the peace that giving all affords?
Of you can't, why don't you come today
Christ will be there to meet you when you pray.


* This was written when I was seventeen to be read on our radio broadcast Harvest Time.
The first two verses were written while baby-sitting at the parsonage and the other at home.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart