A Missionary Calling

Hark there's millions lost in darkness;
Here their cry!
How they long for light and gladness;
Don't let them die.

Oh open wide your ears, list to their doubts and fears,
Oh hear their bitter cry - "Don't let us die."

Why did you not bring us the news,
Will be their cry.
How could you just sit in your pews?
You knew we'd die.

To the byways Jesus said to go,
To meet their cry.
So the way to heaven they might know,
And never die.

Jesus, to refuse to help them;
I'd rather die.
Train me and with me abide;
I'll meet their cry.


* This was written at church during a missionary service when I was seventeen.
As I sang in the spirit these words came to me in English.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart