Hell's Little Sinners

Far from heaven's pearly gates,
Far from the Golden Throne.
With hearts compressed with woes and hates,
The sinners cry and walk alone.
All earth's sins and all its mire,
Have led to hell's eternal fire.

Here sits a soul that never missed,
A sunday service at her church;
And all her friends, they never wist,
That she'd end up in hell's dark lurch.
Time after time she'd spurned God's grace,
Thinking deeds could take salvation's place.

Here dwells a soul whose chiefest joy,
Was spreading tales among her friends,
"No matter, it's just a little lie,
From which no evil e'er descends."
Then 'twas too late the end had come;
She couldn't undo the harm she'd done.

And this soul's here in darkest grief,
From youth he was a petty thief.
He only took the little things,
Not rubies, furs or diamond rings.
Not for a moment did he feel
He'd broken the commandment thou shalt not steal.

This suffering soul was a wealthy man,
But he put his gold before his God.
To part with it he would not stand;
He preferred to walk the way that's broad.
To get richer and richer became his rule,
But now he knows he'd been a fool.

All these and many more besides,
Believed that God ignored their works.
Satan had taken them for a ride,
That led to torment's darkest lurks.
To all who listen pray and take heed,
Don't ever reject God's truthful seed.


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