Jesus The Babe

Once came a babe to Bethlehem;
The Son of God was he.
No palace chose He for His home,
But dwelt in poverty.

No bands played anthems for His birth;
No bells rang out the news;
But heaven itself sang of His worth,
Born is king of the Jews.

No marble crib chose He as bed;
None heralded the news afar;
In manger crib He laid His head,
But heaven sent a star.

His birth brought kings no happiness;
Instead they sought His life.
Yet He lived on victorious,
Beyond man's cruel strife.

This gentle babe was Jesus Christ,
God incarnate made as man.
He came to pay redemption's price
That men new hope might understand.


* This is a Christmas poem written when I was seventeen down at the parsonage.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart