With Shouts of Joy

Once there came to Bethlehem a king,
And His praise the angel choirs did sing,
Till their songs made heaven's portals ring,
With shouts of Joy.

Happiness was great and love flowed free.
God had sent this blessed babe for me.
Like the angels, I'll my voice employ
With shouts of Joy.

In a humble stall He came to earth.
Lowly shepherds heard about His birth.
Yet all the angel songs were of His worth,
Their shouts of joy.

Wise men saw His star off in the East,
Came to offer gifts of love and peace.
Herod's wrath could not their joy decrease
Their shouts of joy.

Come to this blessed babe, born long ago
Come now and let Him wash you white as snow
And with His love and peace your heart will flow
With shouts of joy.


* This is a Christmas hymn written to the tune of "At Calvary". It was written when I was sixteen.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart