Prophesy Fulfilled

They were a chosen people these sons of Abraham.
God brought them out to follow Him, into a promised land.
To them He made a covenant which is a sacred vow;
His blessing would remain in them, till they'd to idols bow.

But Israel forsook her Lord, her great Jehovah God;
And so He scattered her afar in heathen lands abroad.
Then persecution came her way their sufferings were grave
Yet as the prophets had foretold a remnant He did save.

He promised to regather them; His anger would abate
And so a nation she became in nineteen forty-eight.
And still they kept oppressing her for unknown to these men
The prophetic time of Gentiles was drawing to an end.

Then Israel was threatened by foes on either side
Her forces were outnumbered by faith she had to bide.
But God gave Israel the victory from bondage He set her free.
He kept His covenant with Abraham and fulfilled all prophesy.

When at the Nations Assembly against them all testified,
She stood alone while talkers lips did not their malice hide.
This God had foretold through Ezekiel; every word he said proved true.
If you will trust in Jesus today He'll make His covenant with you.


* This was written when I was sixteen just after the Israeli-Arab crises began.
It is rewritten here with more added.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart