The Rich Man

Here I sit in torment who dwelt in tents of ease.
Now I plead for water from a beggar I had known.
I'd once stood proud and self-assured while he fell on his knees.
The God he served hath humbled me and claimed him as his son.

His garment which was ragged is now a holy white;
But my unrighteousness to God was but a filthy rag.
His home which was a dried-up ditch is now a mansion bright,
While I who lived is luxury a slightest ease can't beg.

How did I earn such cruel wrath and he such divine love?
How did I think myself so fine that God would me reward?
When Lazarus had been redeemed by Jesus up above
I said that I didn't need to pray my redemption was assured.

How could God in all His grace, refuse a man as I?
I paid my tithe and helped the poor - committed no moral wrong,
But when God said that all had sinned not one man was set by.
A soul not washed in Jesus blood can't sing redemption's song.

My pride had been my master and had led me to this way.
Oh to have been humbled and to God for mercy pray;
I'd now behold His radiant face for He'd have been my stay.

Now hearken all you readers; the message you must hear.
Take heed to whom you place your trust and what you hold most dear.
The rich man did not go to hell for being rich you see.
His sin was that his wealth became to him what God should be.
For Jesus died to save your soul from sin to set you free
No pious living can substitute the cross of Calvary.


* This was written when I was sixteen for C.A.'s and is based of Luke 16:19-25

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart