A Lesson on Humility

Christian forget your foolish pride and hearken to my will.
But Lord it is too humble; Let me a harder task fulfil.
Thus spake the Lord unto this man who sought for heaven's gain,
I gave you power for service when I sent the latter rain;
But if the humble are too hard how can you do the great?
There was one who suffered all for thee and your chains of sin did break.

Yes my son, the spotless lamb took all lost sinners place.
He chose the stripes the cruel cross to peace in home and grace.
He the King of KIngs was scorned - His garments they did part
Although the soldiers broke no bones they surely broke His heart.
Still there in hues of agony His grace it lingered through
He cried, "Oh Father, forgive them for, they know not what they do."

The man arose a humbled soul the spirit had spoke true.
He realized his foolish pride with which he now was through
"Thou'st done so much fo me", he cried.
"I now give it all to you."


* This was written when I was 16 for C.A.'s.
It's based on Isa 53:3-5 and as the title suggests is a lesson on humility a necessity in every Christian's life.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart