A Tribute to Mothers

God has given many gifts, some far greater than the others,
But the gift that far outshines them are our ever-loving mothers.
He gave Hannah the great Samuel, a child who heard His voice;
And though he was her heart's desire she gave Him back by choice,
To lead his people to their God and in His strength rejoice.

He gave Esther to her people in their time of direst need,
To ask the king to spare them, the order to recede.
To hang Haman on his gallows, a warning for all to heed.

To our Saviour He gave Mary, a woman devout and true,
Who brought Him up so close to God in grace He constantly grew,
To ever pray and love our Lord and show example true.

Like those of old He ever gives our mothers pure and true
To love and care and watch and pray and oft to suffer too.
Their godly ways and ready love shall ever help us through.


* This was written when I was fifteen.
It was about five minutes before C.A.'s started that Howard phoned and asked about a poem.
I finished it in church. This accounts for its brevity.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart