Oh Lord, I am so small,
Without thine aid I fain would fall.
Oh Lord, stretch forth thine hand
And lead me through, none other can.

Oh Lord, Please use me now,
As low before thy throne I bow.
I care not what Thy task will be
As long as it be willed by thee.

Oh Lord, I love you so.
My love for thee just tends to grow.
You loved me first so steadfastly,
You chose to die on Calvary.

When I believed you set me free,
And soon I'll go to reign with thee.
I know not when the day nor the hour,
But Lord I'm safe within thy bower.

Lord God of Hosts, I give to thee,
All that I am or am to be.
And while down here I'm led to roam,
My heart's up there with Thee at home.


* This is a song that came to me at a dedication service.
The tune is nice but unfamiliar.
I was sixteen at the time.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart