Today the world moves at such a pace,
All creatures are caught up in its race.
Few men take time to think or prod,
To acknowledge the works of their creator - their God.
All Christendom's divided; many churches think only,
Their pompous rites and their ceremonies.
They despise the blood of our Saviour shed;
Some even go so far as to say God is dead.
Scientific advancement proceeds with great flight,
Though many have knowledge they still have no light.
We've now modern gadgets to exterminate crime
And yet its statistics continue to climb.
They claim they are Christians in principles and rules;
Yet praying and scriptures are being cut out of schools.
Communications are bettered by TV and radios;
While violence and filth form the bulk of their shows.
The new "immorality" which is much publicized,
Makes it difficult to distinguish the girls from the boys.
Revolt and rebellion are now far from static.
While Christ-centered Christians are considered fanatic.
The young folks are restless, ever seeking new thrills,
Wrecking soul, mind and body with dope containing pills.
The list is unending that is very plain;
The days of Noah have reached earth again.
So Child of God watch, for at morn, night or noon,
Our King shall return - and He shall return soon.


* This was written when I was fifteen.
It was at Max's home in Jackson Arm. I was in a bit if a bad mood at the time.
Part of it is rewritten or added and some parts are omitted where points weren't quite clear.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart