The Separation

Living in this world so full of sin and shame,
The wheat groweth up among the tares,
So we must continue to call upon God's name,
Or we'll fall a victim in their snares.

Here the life is difficult and cares abound,
Satan casts a trial on every hand.
But we for a refuse have in Jesus found
The sweetest refuge ever found by man.

On that day of judgement oh what agony,
As the tares are thrown into the fire,
But the precious wheat of God it shall be free,
To praise Him ever with the heavenly choir.

For some day there'll be a separation,
God will call the righteous home,
Then there'll be oh such a celebration,
As He leads us to our heavenly home.


* This was written when I was fifteen.
It's meant to be a sung and doesn't really sound right if its read. Its tune is my own.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart