God In Nature

God is grace so lithe and free,
Like the birds that wing from tree to tree,
Like the pillowy snow-drop clustered sea,
That saunter with awe stirring majesty.

God is beauty - unbounded, supreme
As sharp as a dagger as shrill as a scream
Like the glistening stars twinkling high in the sky,
In their bountiless mystic, as ungrasped as a sigh.

God is holiness, sacred, untouched,
As clear as the heavens by all men unclutched
So high, inspiring, unique and unchanged
How far from our vision are His majesties ranged.

God is glory - all to Him doth I own,
When a taste of His loveliness to me He hath shown.
He reflects in His handiwork of our mountains and seas,
And the touch of His hand as a clear pleasant breeze,
A part of Himself- a majestic, great king
To Him and for e'er shalt my soul brightly sing.


* This was written when I was fourteen.
I was walking home on a most beautiful summer day thrilled with the beauty around me. Everything was so vivid - the sky was never bluer or the grass and trees greener neither did the birds sing more sweetly. My soul was stirred as my mind wandered to how wonderful a creator God is. As a result came this little poem.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart