Daniel was an Israelite who truly loved his Lord.
Though carried to a foreign land he hearkened to His word.
Every day he knelt to pray beside his window sill,
For he knew God would hear his prayer and would his needs fulfil.

Daniel was a goodly man, he won the king's approval,
Till others grew so envious they longed for his removal.
They asked the king to pass a law that could not be denied.
If any worshipped ought but him they'd surely have to die.

But Daniel prayed as usual, His God he would not shame.
If God desired his life to spare, the lions He would tame.
The king was very grievous for making so rash a decree
As Daniel went, the king did cry, "Thy God will be with thee."

That night God sent his angels to close the lion's mouth
When morning crept upon that land brave Daniel ventured out.
His many foes were cast aside as the sea with Aaron's rod.
All other idols were torn down; they'd worship Daniel's God.

So the moral of this tale,
Is trust in God and you'll prevail,
Never be afraid to pray,
For God is just the same today.


* This was written when I was fourteen.
At the time I was downstairs in the groceteria so the original copy was done on a paper bag.
It's a great favorite with the kids.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart