Greater Than L.S.D.

I wandered but a sinner in the night so dark and din,
My soul it was acraving for some healing light within.
This life which now was wretched had once been blessed by God,
I'd listened to the tempter and the paths of sin I'd trod.
He promised me great riches but rewarded me with naught.
He promised me great fame and laud but 'twas not the kind I sought.
I tried to lose my sorrows in a world of fantasy
The devil thus provided the evil drug of L.S.D.
Those many trips of fancy both wrecked my name and health.
As many, many bills pilled up I used up all my wealth.
But sorrows they continued and I could not find relief,
To buy my many mental trips I became a common thief.
And then I got arrested, given a number for my name.
E'en before my term was over I knew I could not be the same.
I knew I must have something; as for what I could not ken;
So in utter, sheer dismay I planned my life to end.
Yet somewhere in my bosom was a longing yet for life,
And when the time was ready I could not use the knife.
I walked the streets fo hours till I saw a little church.
All at once I knew the answer - God my soul began to search.
I entered in regardless of the devil's mocking sneer,
I listened to the sermon and the hymns I once thought queer
Then the Spirit of God flew o'er me and the meaning came so clear
One moment I was shaking - the conviction did not falter;
The next moment I was sobbing out my praises at the altar.
Yes my friends it was that simple I had come home to my Lord
And never would I wander from the peace that HE affords.


* This was written when I was fifteen. It took me six minutes to write it (Karen timed me).
I wrote it for Sam but never had the courage to give it to him.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart