A Rich Man's Testimony

At first my life was lived with naught
But scorn, deceit and pride,
I struggled after worldly gain,
Pressed onward by life's tide.
With wealth and fame my constant goal,
I scorned those less than me,
Till burdened down with sin and shame,
I slowly sank in sin's dark sea.

I cried for help but all my wealth
Could bring no aid from friends on shore,
I dropped my goods to no avail -
My leaden heart it weighed me more.
And then beholding, I chanced to see
The blessed tree of Calvary;
And nailed upon it mocked and scorned
Was Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords.

His very being revealed the pain
More deeper than the prongs of man,
For such as I was Jesus slain
And for my guilt He bore the blame.
And then I saw His bleeding side -
The wounds that never would subside,
Its cleansing stream washed o'er my soul;
It broke my heart and made me whole.

And when I looked in Jesus' eyes,
I caught a glimpse of paradise.
Such peace engulfed me, filled my soul,
By human tongue can ne'er be told.
To a crossroads in my life I'd come,
Praise God, I chose the narrow one.
For there I saw the outstretched hand
That would guide me where none other can.

My friends they bade me, "Oh turn back";
But with eyes on Jesus no strength I lacked.
The way to His kingdom He promised to show,
And when God makes a promise He keeps it I know.
If God in His grace cares for one such as me,
Just think of the wonders He'll do for thee.
He'll give you salvation so full and so free.
I know He won't fail for He's never failed me.


* This was written when I was fourteen so I don't remember too much about it. It was for a poet night in C.A.'s - The first ballad or story poem written about my faith.

Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart