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Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's Heart

circa 1966-1969, Christian Poetry by Linda (Leslie) Raymond

More Thoughts from a Teen's Heart

circa 1969-1973, Christian Poetry by Linda (Leslie) Raymond

BOOK 1; Testimony, Drugs, Daniel, Nature, Separation, Progress, Dedication, Life's Journey, Beginning, Tribute to Mother's, Born Again, Humility, Rich Man, Blind Man, Prophecy, Joy, Jesus the Babe, Sinners, Missionary Calling, God's Love, Young People, Children, Conqueror, Watching, Tribute, Christian, Sheepfold, Church, St Mark, Farewell,

BOOK 2; Gain, Galilee, Love, Light, David, Samuel, Temptation, Crusaders, Lacking, Christmas, Peace, Goodwill, Hymns, Maze, Secret, Spiritual Warfare, Resurrection, Loneliness, Automation, Birthday, Prayer, Prodigal, Communication and more...

Linda was raised in Corner Brook,
a town of western Newfoundland, Canada.

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